Punisher: Body Count Episode 38

E38 promo art

Continuing with Black History Month, we conclude the infamous “Frank becomes a black man” arc in this episode.

Introduction – Jake talks about his battles with sickness and I bring up how I used The Force at a house party.

News – Listener Ivo Santos has some fan-made Punisher music video tributes on youtube. Give them a look.

Also, I report on a Russian vigilante with righteous road rage, whom fellow citizens have dubbed, “The Punisher.” Click here for the video and story!

Bullet Points – We cover Daredevil: End of Days #4 and 5. Is Daredevil really dead? Who or what is “Mapone”? Why did Frank get those finger tattoos in prison? We explore most of these questions in this segment.

Flashbacks – We cover the infamous”Black Punisher” arc from Punisher, issues #60-62. Jake and I approve of it, but come to disagreements on how “racially relevant” it is.

Discharge Papers – I catch up on House of Cards, Jake saw Argo (it’s okay, “but it’s no Terminator”), and I rep for Inferno Cop, a Youtube original show, which is basically Ghost Rider mixed with surreal, irreverant humor made by the old Gainax crew. Be sure to turn on captions!

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