Punisher: Body Count Episode 37

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Couple of things to mention right off the bat here: One, we tried out doing a live streaming episode where Punisher fans could listen in and chat while Jake and I do the show. The format gave us a chance to address viewers in a much more immediate fashion and even allowed for some visual aids while we discussed the comics. There was a delay that caused us to talk over ourselves sometimes, so it’s definitely a format-in-progress, but we had a good time and hope to make future shows even better. Like it? Hate it? Contact us through email, twitter, the site, the facebook fanpage, or twitter if you want us to not get back to you.

Second, we’re going to try some “double-shipping” with the podcast, where the next episode will be out in the next eight days, so keep an eye out for that.

Introduction – Jake talks about his recovery from strep throat and his dealings with Japanese language recruiters, while I recount my new job and how a bum gave me a mysterious sigil.

News – Punisher fan Stewart Loud made a Captain Punisher costume, and he was cool enough to show some WIP photos of the shield. Cool costume, man!

We also learn that Norman Reedus will be voicing the Punisher in the upcoming Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore animate feature.

Finally, I read a segment from decorated Navy SEALS sniper Chris Kyle’s autobiography American Sniper, whose platoon used the Punisher skull as a mascot insignia during their tours in Iraq.

Mail Call – We empathize with the struggles of David, who back in the pre-Youtube days had to go on a Lord of the Rings-style journey to see even the trailer to the Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie. We also give our take on future Thunderbolts stories.

Bullet Points – We cover Fury MAX #9 and Thunderbolts #4.

Flashbacks – We cover the “Final Days” arc of Mike Baron’s Punisher, issues 53-59. It had it’s ups, downs, and plastic surgery gone gloriously wrong.

Discharge Papers – Jake talks up Netflix’s original show House of Cards, and I talk about the mess that was The Man with the Iron Fists.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the intro bumper music.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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2 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode 37

  1. Nathan says:

    Any plans to read David’s letter? I’m a LOTR and Punisher fan and would like to hear his tale.

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