Punisher: Body Count episode 36

e36 promo art

We’re back with more Punisher news, reviews, and blues(?).

Introduction – Babies, school, dog fights, and slaves. That’s all I’ll say.

News – A new Punisher animated feature is coming out, and I go into what little details there are about the series.

Mail Call – We get some email from Blackstone asking us if we could get Chuck Dixon on as a guest. The letter prompts us to go into our process for getting guests.

Bullet Points – We go into tangents galore as we discuss Punisher: Nightmare #3-5 and Punisher: War Zone #4!

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies – It’s back! Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back this segment to cover Dredd, the movie our listeners have been asking us to talk about since it came out. Spoiler alert: We loved it and if you are a good person you’d go out and get it on DVD or Blu-ray right now.

Discharge Papers – From me:  Banshee is the greatest show you’re probably not watching, and The Americans make us realize how much we miss fighting the USSR. From Jake: Mad Max stands the test of time and the Parker books drawn by Darwyn Cooke are just the cat’s pajamas.

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