Punisher: Body Count Episode 35

e35 promo art


Hey everyone, welcome to the first episode of the new year! We got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

Introduction – Jake and I bring up a big announcement concerning the show: We’ve joined the Geekcast Radio Network! Being a part of this network will give Jake and I some great opportunities and resources for the show, but we’re also just happy to be a part of such a good group of hosts who care as much about their subject manner as we do. What this means for you guys is that we’ll have some ad placement between the segments from now on, but it’s still a work in progress on where exactly they’ll end up.

News – Phil Noto will be the new artist on Thunderbolts #7, and Punisher will soon be making out with Elektra. Eh, okay.

Mail Call – Jake and I answer some mail regarding our movie episode, and I try to defend the Gotham Knight DVD against Jake’s onslaught of criticisim.

Bullet Points – We cover Fury #8, Punisher: Nightmare #1 and 2, Thunderbolts #2 and 3, and Punisher: War Zone #3!

Flashbacks – We cover one of our favorite stories of all time, Punisher: BORN!

Discharge Papers – Jake takes umbrage against TBS’s King of the Nerds show, and this somehow leads me to that this is a sign that America is crumbling in on itself. Jake also recommends some textbooks he’s using in school, and I discuss the Spider-Man controversy. I end things on a positive note by recommending everyone to go see John Dies at the End, now wherever movie downloads are sold, basically. It’s Cthulhu style weirdness combined with characters you’d see from Clerks. It’s delightful.

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