Punisher: Body Count Episode 34

e34 promo art

Merry Christmas, Punisher fans!  For this Yuletide season, we have gifted you with an extra-large episode that deals with our deep opinions about the three official Punisher movies.

Introduction – Jake and I start with what could be the worst opening ever before we catch up on our heart-warming Christmas tales.  We then open our gifts we sent each other on the air!

News – There’s a bunch of new Punisher fan films new and upcoming, and we want you all to check ’em out!

Mail Call – Jesse Mack asks us what Punisher story arc we’d like to see adapted to a new Marvel movie. Jacob gives us a trilogy of MAX titles, and while I like the idea, I recommend a different format for a Punisher movie.

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies – It took 34 episodes, but we’re finally doing it.  We’re bum-rushing the three Punisher movies that everyone clamored for but never quite got it right.  And yet, they each have their charms.

Discharge Papers – Jake discusses his finishing of the Loeb’s Long Halloween run, and his replay of Final Fantasy 8.  I recommend the book Mastery from Robert Greene, so you can go from chump to champ at whatever you do in life.  I also recommend the game Bastion, which is like Diablo if your character was in a colorful, utterly destroyed society.

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