Punisher: Body Count Episode 32

Faster turnout, lighter content, but better quality.  This podcast is a net gain for you the listener! Also, I have updated our FAQ page with our Google voicemail number.  If you’d like to leave us a message via your phone, well now you can!

Introduction – Jake discusses how he’s all Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor now, and I tell the horror story of how Hurricane Sandy inconvenienced me.  Jake and I also whine about kids these days and their Halos. I also bitch about tipping take-out servers.

Mail Call – Blackstone asks us if we’re going to read the new Thunderbolts series (yes) and if we’ve heard of some vigilante tv shows (no).  Arch also calls out Jake for spoiling Walking Dead and we discuss “spoiler culture” in general.  We also debate on whether the comic book fan letters page is still needed today.

Bullet Points – We cover Greg Rucka’s Punisher: War Zone #1. It’s the beginning of the end, people!

Flashbacks – Hey speaking about War Zone, how about some more?  We cover Chuck Dixon’s Punisher: War Zone #7-11. It is pure, glorious testosterone.

Discharge Papers – I get excited over Parks and Recreation‘s new season and I tell Jake I’m reading his favorite book, Count of Monte Cristo.  Jake and I also discuss the implications of Mickey Mouse taking over the Death Star, and it eventually turns to a conversation of when we need to let go of our childhood love.  Us nerds, am I right? Jake also recommends 2001 Nights, which is a sci-fi space exploration comic.

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/punisherbodycount/Punisher_Body_Count_Episode_32b.mp3]


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