Punisher: Body Count Episode 30

Introduction – I talk about the arguments I’ve had with my dad over Hercules and aliens, and Jake shows how many fucks he gives about Indiana’s smoking laws. Hint: They are zero. We also go into a tangent about dating strong independent women. Also, in case you were wondering, that was Jake’s daughter in the beginning.

Mail Call – We bring back Rapidfire and we answer a lot of questions about Rucka closing out his run and whether an on-going Punisher run can hack it these days.

Bullet Points – We cover Fury Max #6, Punisher #16, and SPACE: Punisher #3. SPACE: Punisher actually managed to sway me back to it, much to Jake’s disgust, and we also get into an argument about eugenics. I am so sorry.

Flashbacks – In honor of our 30th episode, Jake and I read What If? #58, which explores what would happen if Frank managed to kill Spider-Man in his first introduction to comics. Clearly, Frank has a good ending in this comic.

Discharge Papers – I recommend the book American Tabloid by James Elroy for those that like noirish historical fiction set in Red Scare America. Jake classes things up with him and his wife watching the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde play and talks about why the Akira movie can’t match up to the manga. I also recommend the horror film anthology V/H/S, which is available On Demand and iTunes.

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A guy who loves comics.
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