Punisher: Body Count Episode 29

Jake and I are back to discuss the future of the post-Rucka Punisher, and I later call some posters at the Global Punisher Army message board “cretins.”  Sorry about that.  And yes, we’re changing our audio system.

Introduction – I discuss my sudden turn to a straight-edge experimenting and Jake talks about his magical barber experience.

News – We discuss the Thunderbolts news and Greg Rucka’s interview with Clint magazine.

Mail Call – We announce the addition of our new voicemail system!  We also catch up on some questions we missed from the last ‘sode.

Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #15 a nd Untold Tales of the Punisher #4.  I get a little crazy on Untold Tales.

Flashbacks – We continue Mike Baron’s original run with Punisher #13 and 14.  Frank fights Charles Manson in one and becomes a subsistence high school teacher in the other.  Good times!

Discharge Papers – Jake brings up new comics he’s reading and his return to a modern classic anime.  I talk about Snow White and the Huntsman.  I am so sorry.  Also, I stumble into a hilarious/tramatic part of my childhood when we discuss Indiana Jones.

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A guy who loves comics.
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