Punisher: Body Count Episode 28

It’s feast or famine here at P:BC, and right now we’re bursting at the seams with content.  There’s comedy, disagreements, and wigging out over the dumbest of things.  In other words, it’s Monday, people.

Introduction – Just… don’t eat when you listen to this part.  Jake tells a story about shitting an ingenuity, and I talk about the book I was born to edit.

Mail Call – Blackstone asks us about the true power Punisher fans wield, and Wyatt asks us a question about race that I stumble through for a few minutes.  And hey!  We brought back Rapidfire!

Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #14, Untold Tales of the Punisher #3, and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4.  It goes in order from best to worst, folks.

Flashbacks – In honor of Joe Kubert’s recent passing, we cover Punisher: War Zone‘s “River of Blood,” which showcased Kubert’s humanistic artwork and Chuck Dixon’s attention to world military conflicts.  There’s also a Russian-version of the Punisher who sings while on shooting sprees, so it’s got it all.

Discharge Papers – Jake and I talk about the Expendables 2 for what seems like an eternity.  Jake is pleased as punched with the movie, and me, not so much.  I also talk up the PC game Spec Ops: The Line, and Jake talks about what new comics he’s picked up, like the new volume of Blade of the Immortal and IDW’s Ninja Turtles comics.

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