Punisher: Body Count Episode 26

Rucka’s Punisher isn’t out this week, but we still got plenty of other Punisher/Punisher accessories to bring up!  Get ready for more Fury: Cold Warrior, Untold Tales of the Punisher, and Welcome Back, Frank.  I also break a new record in the amount of times I yell at Jake for his awful opinions.  Oh, if it sounds like my voice is getting auto-tuned, just stick it out for a bit.  There were some connection issues this episode, and we’re getting it fixed for the next episode.

Introduction – Jake has some good news about his job and brings his car to a auto show. I cry over spilt meat and talk about the weird stuff my grandparents have given me to auction off as I see fit.  They’re still worth more than Spawn #1, I guess.

Contest– The contest is still going, but will end by the next episode.  To repeat:  This one will take some prep work, though. Jake is giving away oringal splash page artwork from Punisher 2099, but he’s doing it through forumforgeeks.com. If you want to win, go there and register yourself there. Once you’re there, find our Punisher: Body Count thread under the pimp your podcast section and comment in it. You don’t need to be a kiss-ass (you can even saw we suck!), just comment and you’re entered.

Mail Call – I summarize another Rucka interview to give some more info on Punisher: War Zone, and then we answer Brandon Granger’s question about Frank Castle’s crossover potential with sci-fi/horror properties.

Bullet Points -As mentioned before, we cover  Fury: Cold Warrior #5, Untold Tales of the Punisher #2.  Both are great books that seem to be getting better as time goes on.  Are there any artists/writers you’re looking forward to seeing in the next three issues of Untold Tales?  Sound off on our facebook fan page.

Flashbacks – We finally get around to some real Ennis work, and it only took us a year to do so!  Welcome Back Frank brought Frank Castle out of Marvel’s gutter, and it also got Jake and I into the character.  In this episode, we cover the first six issues of the series, but if you haven’t read it yet, don’t listen to us yammer about it, go get it!

Discharge Papers – Jake and I put on our indie glasses and discuss Tyrell Cannon’s Gary  and Craig Thompson’s Habibi.  Jake also prepares himself for Expendables 2 by re-watching Expendables 1, and I “recommend” Three Stooges.  Finally, I expand my thoughts on Don Pendleton’s Executioner series.

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4 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode 26

  1. arch0stanton says:

    If you’re going back to the Expendables well, then I have much recommends for Universal Soldier: Regeneration. Yes, all the sequels back in the late 90s were shit, but this movie is straight brutal, and its the first early 90s style action movie I’ve seen since the early 90s. Plus you get Dolph vs. JCVD. Take a look at the online reviews, they are higher than you’d expect, its a solid movie, and that Russian MMA guy is freakin’ terrifying.

  2. arch0stanton says:

    This the one VD was doin’ while everyone else was off doin’ Expendables. Great opening kidnapping scene, and then two hours of the filmed version of Frank and Bullseye’s Aaron Max fight, except in the Chernobyl reactor. Combate Grande!

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