Punisher: Body Count Episode 25

We made it, people!  25 Episodes of bullets, blood baths, and blue humor!  Here’s to 25 more!  Now if I can get serious for a minute, in the beginning of this episode Jake and I promote a charity site to help out one of the Aurora shooting victims.  Here is that link. Please read the guy’s story and help out if you can.  If you do donate or message the site, don’t mention the show, as that would be inappropriate.

Introduction – Jake and I talk up our current job prospects, and then we talk about what Radio Shack and door-to-door salesmen have in common (hint: they are both awful).

Contest–  The contest is still going!  This one will take some prep work, though.  Jake is giving away oringal splash page artwork from Punisher 2099, but he’s doing it through forumforgeeks.com.  If you want to win, go there and register yourself there.  Once you’re there, find our Punisher: Body Count thread under the pimp your podcast section and comment in it.  You don’t need to be a kiss-ass (you can even saw we suck!), just comment and you’re entered.

Mail Call – I summarize some of Rucka’s Reddit Q & A, and we also discuss Javier’s question of just how many women Frank’s slept with.  Finally, Tyrell Cannon stops by to asks us about the best one-eyed badasses out there.  Tyrell is also the author/artist of the Gary series which covers the murders of the Green River Killer.  We’re going to talk up his books on the next show, but check out his work if you like the true crime genre.

Bullet Points – After our interview with Tom Jane, it only makes sense we discuss his short film Dirty Laundry.  Jake and I give our take on the film, but we also cover the reactions other Punisher fans had about it.  We also get to Space: Punisher #1, which is as goofy as it sounds, yet still has some charm to it.

Flashbacks – In honor of the Spider-Man and Batman movies out right now, Punisher teams up with both in this segment!  In Giant-Sized Spider-Man #4, Frank and Spidey fight a weapons manufacturer named Moses Magnum, which is the most baller name known to man.  Then Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr. find their way back into the show with Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights!  Come for the fights, stay for the 1337 hacking.

Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss the Spider-Man and Batman movies, and I blow the lid off on the non-controversy of the Punisher’s connection to the Executioner pulp novels.  Finally, Jake and I talk up Blacksad, the noir comic that has talking animals in it and still manages to be awesome.

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1 Response to Punisher: Body Count Episode 25

  1. arch0stanton says:

    I was running for part of the podcast, and I kept stopping and hearing these weird noises, like a cell phone going off in the distance. I must have paused it and stopped 3 times. Finally I figured out there was some space sound effects in the background… was very nice touch. I’m going to go back and listen someplace quiet, it confused the hell out of me.

    I wasn’t a fan of Dark Knight Rises. After Alfred almost cried for the third time in the first hour, and they meticulously showed us how they snuck pistols in the stock exchange in janitor water and shoeshine booths but then busted out the door on magically appearing dirtbikes… yeah, I’m being picky, but it was too much talking, not enough Batman. There was maybe 20 minutes of batman and 15 of that was in that helicopter. I didn’t dislike it, it was OK, but it was no Dark Knight.

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