Punisher: Body Count Episode 24

Hey everyone, and welcome to a very special episode of Punisher: Body Count!  We finally got Tom Jane on the show, and it was a perfect time for it too!  Tom Jane’s company Raw Studios has been announcing a ton of new material, such as a graphic novel adaptation of The Dark Country movie he directed/starred in, and new volume to Bad Planet coming to Comixology, which is also being kickstarted by Red Fly Studio into a video game!  Keep an eye out for those projects, coming to book stores and comic shops near you!  Also, he made a short Punisher fan film with a Ron Perlman cameo, so that’s pretty neat I guess.  And by “neat” I mean unimaginably brutal and cool.

Tom Jane called us after a long weekend at San Diego Comicon, where he chatted with us for an hour and then gave us the link to the short film itself, only hours after it premiered at his panel!   The guy is one of the hardest workers in the entertainment business, and it was a pleasure having him on the show.  If you haven’t already, go click that Raw Studios link above, check out his site, peruse his forums, and give his crew some props.

Here are some highlights of the interview where Tom:

-Wonders how I knew about his cat

-Brings us up to date on what he and Tim Bradstreet are releasing from Raw Studios, as well as his dream film projects

-Discusses how Avi Arad and Tim Bradstreet got him to play the Punisher, a character he originally turned down!

-Talks about feelings on the 2004 Punisher film he starred in

-Explains how his Punisher fan film came together

-What the Punisher means to him as a character and how he believes he should be handled

-Shoots the shit with us about muscle cars and cigars

-Tells us how to play the Hollywood game, and why it’s worth it in the end

We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.  Stick around after the interview to hear Jake’s instructions on how to win the contest we’re running in honor of our upcoming 25th episode!  For a chance to win original Punisher 2099 art, you need to sign up for forumforgeeks.com and post in this thread to say why people should be tuning into Punisher: Body Count!

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3 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode 24

  1. arch0stanton says:

    Good job, fellas. You might try giving Bradstreet a call, he seems to do a lot of fan interviews, and I’d definitely like to hear a conversation about the art process.

  2. JerseyMike667 says:

    Love Tom Jane as the Punisher and love his enthusiasm for the character.

    (just suprised how much illegal activity he admits to, cuban cigars and a switchblade? what a badass)

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