Punisher: Body Count Episode 23

Episode 23:  Now with more bumpers!  You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the beginning and end of the show.  Today we’re going to get through a bunch of comics, especially an arc I’ve been looking forward to in Flashbacks, so strap in!

Introduction – Jake and I talk about our 4th of July celebrations, including me getting punked out by a five-year old, and Jake having a plan to beat the crowd backfire on him.  Later on, I bring up some Punisher news about the “This is War!” event Marvel is putting out, which will include the Punisher: War Zone title being resurrected.

Contest–  We’re doing another contest!  This one will take some prep work, though.  Jake is giving away oringal splash page artwork from Punisher 2099, but he’s doing it through forumforgeeks.com.  If you want to win, go there and register yourself there.  It will take approximately two weeks for the registration to be finalized.  We will give you more info in the next podcast.

Mail Call – Our fans make and send us cool things, and we try to give credit, where credit is due.  Blackstone also sends us an email asking us about how we feel about fanfiction and what it takes to become a writer for the Punisher.  It’s an interesting discussion.

Bullet Points – Ennis serves us a war best served cold in Fury: Cold Warrior #1-4.  Here we see Fury recall his years in Indochina and training guerillas to overthrow Castro, killing and screwing every step of the way.  Greg Rucka’s Punisher #13 has us a bit disappointed since Marco Chechetto is missing on art, but it’s still a great spy/espionage story.

Flashbacks – What can be said about Punisher War Zone #1-6?  A lot, apparently.  Considered by many to be an iconic turning point in the Punisher’s publishing history, as Frank starts getting much more brutal and methodical on crime, and a colder personality in general.  Chuck Dixon is on words, the controversial (at least between us) John Romita Jr. is on pencils, and Klaus Janson is on inks.  If you find these comics the back bin or in a trade, pick it up.  Also,

Discharge Papers – I am the last one to get Garageband on my iPad, and I am losing my shit over it.  I also watched John Carter and Black Dynamite, both of which need to be seen by you right now.  Jake also got to see the X-Men anime, which he gave two thumbs “meh” and said, “Better than X-Men Evolution, I guess.”

Stay after the show for a message from show producer Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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