Punisher: Body Count Episode 22

Welcome back to episode 22, where we ease back into our standard programming.  In today’s episode we explain a mix up with Tom Jane and make one too many masturbation jokes in the Flashbacks section.

Introduction – Jake talks about how he’s living the real life Office Space movie, and I reveal that my dad listened to a podcast episode.  I also discuss a local carjacking and my time chatting with a guy dealing with multiple personality disorder.

Mail Call – We clear up the Tom Jane thing, and Blackstone asks us if a PG-13 Punisher movie is possible.  Justin then asks us about the limits who Frank will kill, including under 18s.  We also discuss what we all assume Frank does off-panel to make us okay with all of his killing.

Bullet Points – We help Marvel squeeze blood from a dead and buried stone by reluctantly discussing Untold Tales of the Punisher #1.  The best thing we can say is that it’s a self-contained story.  I then laud Greg Rucka’s Punisher #12 as a masterful thesis on how Frank can continue his warrior’s journey past the classic vigilante arc,  and Jake thinks it’s okay.

Flashbacks – Did you know that in the 80s and 90s Marvel had a war series called The ‘Nam?  Guess who was a guest star in said series?  Punisher Invades The ‘Nam includes issues #52 and #53 of the series, and includes one of Frank’s earliest behind-the-lines sniping mission.  It’s awesome.

Discharge Papers – We talk about a shitty Wall Street Journal article, and I get really depressed about Before Watchmen’s Minutemen and Silk Spectre.  Jake also talks up Blacksad, which I’m all on board with.  I then start running out of gas and try to explain why God Bless America is both a cartoonish, yet socially important movie.

Stay tuned, people.  We’ve got some cool stuff planned for the summer!

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3 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode 22

  1. arch0stanton says:

    I liked 12, but I’m starting to hate that detective. Smug and patronizing pretty much sums him up. I’m not sure why you guys have such a hangup on the Watchmen. Its just a comic book, they change writers all the time, and better series have been hacked to death by worse writers. Moore is a brilliant writer, but I don’t see why the book should be off limits now, nothing’s sacred. His Swamp Thing run was awesome, he totally re-defined the character as much as Gaiman rescued Sandman, but no one puts Swamp Thing up on an untouchable pedestal. Call it a guilty pleasure, hell both of you already read it anyway.

    • Dane says:

      There’s a tangled web of legalese involved with Watchmen, but the short of it is that it was not work-for-hire like Swamp Thing or Batman. It was an original work created by Moore and Gibbons to be published by DC. It was made with the acknowledgement that the characters would revert back to Moore and Gibbons after a set time with some requirements met. Because the story never went out of print, the characters Moore created never went back to Moore.

      But that’s not a huge issue to me, as Jake and I have stated before. I don’t like Before Watchmen because it’s another tale of a major publisher steamrolling the creator and his/her wishes to make a quick buck. A lot of the creator rights and independent comics we have today in comics are because other artists got tired of how they were being treated in the 80s and 90s. Before Watchmen though, is DC saying “We want to do more with Watchmen since the movie was a success,” Moore saying, “No, god no, don’t,” and DC saying, “Well okay we’re going to make more stories anyway.”

      The only other thing I’ll mention is that as much as DC loves to try to forget its own continuity, it still loves to sink into nostalgia. Before Watchmen is one of DC’s big creative projects this year… which is based on a complete story that finished almost 30 years ago. I think Before Watchmen will make good short term profits for them, but I also believe DC should encourage creators to create the new “Watchmen” of of the 21st century for the future. And honestly, I don’t see a lot of new ideas coming from them any time soon.

    • thechromiumagecollector says:

      I’m on the same page as Dane. It’s not that DC has done anything legally wrong, but that they deceived Moore and Gibbons about the nature of the rights. Had this been a straight work-made-for-hire, I’d totally be on your side. At the end of the day, I choose not to encourage DC by buying their product. However, the fanboy in me wants to bitch about it on the internet….. here we are…..

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