Punisher: Body Count Episode 20

Today in celebration of that superhero movie people keep talking about, we are having a special Avengers-themed podcast today in Flashbacks and Discharge Papers.  Regardless of how you felt about the movie, I think we can all agree that Joss Whedon now has some powerful leverage for getting Firefly back on the air.  Haha, just kidding, Firefly is never coming back.

Introduction – Jake regales us with the ungodly amount of money he paid for business casual clothes, his tablet choices for his mother-in-law, and shop talk about fixing his car.  I discuss the god complex I get when I look down on Smart cars from my Jeep Commander and I vow to not to use any swear words for the rest of the show as a personal challenge.  ALSO, we announce a new contest, so listen in!

Mail Call – A new fan of the show Josef asks us how we feel about “posers” wearing Punisher merchandise and breaks my mind with his second question.  Blackstone brings us back to reality by asking us how Punisher show look physically and just how good of a melee fighter should he be.

Bullet Points – We turn to Greg Rucka’s Punisher #11, where my opinion on Colak’s art changes and Jake makes a startling connection on the villain of the moment.  Also, Rucka does us a solid by answering a question of ours on Twitter.

Flashbacks – In celebration of the new Avengers movie, we review Mark Millar’s Ultimate Comics: Avengers 2 #1-6, which had ultimate Frank Castle get shanghaied into Nick Fury’s black ops group to take down the Ghost Rider.  Is it a hollywood-style romp like Enemy of the State or something out of Satan’s colon a la Unfunnies?  Tune in to find out.

Discharge Papers – Jake and I weigh in on the Avengers movie, where I complain about “magic arrows” in a world with robot men, flying ships and talking gods.  Jake also discusses a handful of movies he’s seen lately, and I talk up Mandrake, the HBO series you’re not watching but totally should.

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1 Response to Punisher: Body Count Episode 20

  1. Arch Stanton says:

    My theory on why they threw Thanos in at the end for the next movie: if they try to make a Justice League movie, they’ll probably whip out Darkseid, and Marvel wants to beat DC to the punch.

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