Punisher: Body Count Episode 19

At long last, we make good on our promise to bring a contest winner on the show to discuss his favorite Punisher comics, and it’s friend of the show Will Strack! While waiting in your Soviet bread lines to see the midnight showing of the Avengers, how about giving our podcast about crackheads and memes and 80mm rocket launchers a listen?

Introduction –  We get caught up on things with Will, like him dealing with a new baby, and I talk about the much more pressing issue of high ticket prices for midnight showings.

Mail Call – Blackstone asks us about if Frank is best with or without sidekicks or companions.  Hilarity ensues.

Bullet Points – We wrap up Omega Effect with Daredevil #11.

Flashbacks – Our conversations about guns  in Punisher Armory #3 and #4 quickly devolve into discussing the semi-abusive relationship Frank has with Microchip and talking about how nutty Frank’s anecdotes get.

Discharge Papers – I can’t stop talking about Cabin in the Woods, Jake talks about his new comic purchases and Will brings up Little House on the Prairie, with surprising results!  Also, did you know there are Robocop vs. Terminator comics?  Well, you do now.  We also discuss the quagmire of changing stuff up in comics, and the push-back creators get when they go “too far.”

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About Dane

A guy who loves comics.
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