Punisher: Body Count Episode 18

What the hell is wrong with you, listening to podcasts?  Don’t you have finals to study for?  Well, we appreciate your sacrifice.

Introduction – I reveal a new segment I’m working on, Jake asks me what possessed me to try out for the Real World, a tragedy happens in Jake’s home, and so much more.  We also give some minor news on upcoming Punisher titles.

Mail Call – Blackstone asks us who should direct and star in the next Punisher movie, and asks us about a show that I’m sure is fine but never watched.

Bullet Points – We cover a bit of Daredevil #10.1, but mostly the first two Omega Effect comics, Avenging Spider-Man #6 and Punisher #10.  Waid, Rucka, and Chechetto are manning this party, so it’s great.

Flashbacks – We hail Carl Potts as the architect and pusher for the Punisher, and then we cover his own personal baby, Punisher: War Journal #1 and #2.  And speaking about babies, well, we’ll just leave you to it.  It’s a bit awkward, yet heartfelt.

Discharge Papers – Jake criticizes Hunger Games, I give my rebuke.  We also discuss Flash Point, which has a cop that is a Loose Cannon and a Police Chief that is Too Old For This Shit.  Also, drop kicks and grapples.  I also discuss the future of comics, called AvX: Infinite #1 and get really mad at the comic book industry for being childish.

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About Dane

A guy who loves comics.
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