Punisher: Body Count Episode 17

So we paid some podcast consultants, and from their investigations they discovered our viewing demographic craves more discussion on the following topics:

  • Frank Castle’s surveillance and make up kits
  • Battle van schematics
  • Marvel’s current art practices
  • Monorails
  • Car problems
  • Can there be a thing as too much beard?
  • Hair pulling during sex

And if that’s the case, then by God you will love this podcast.

Introduction – We talk about the sorry state of our lives, and I bring up how Shaq proves monorail conductors aren’t pilots.  We also talk about two new Punisher series coming out this summer, which are SPACE: Punisher and Untold Tales of Punisher MAX.

Mail Call – One of our listeners ask us who would make a good writer or artist on the Punisher.  We also get asked who is our favorite Punisher sidekick/team-up member.

Bullet Points – We discuss Greg Rucka’s Punisher #9.  In summary:  The story, even with its sudden turn toward the Omega Effect crossover, is solid, but the fill-in art does not deliver.  This spirals out into us complaining into Marvel’s current publishing strategy.

Flashbacks – Friend of the show Will Strack suggested and wanted to discuss Punisher Armory #1 and 2 with us, but due to the birth of his child, he couldn’t make it.  We soldier on and discuss a series of Punisher books that don’t have the Punisher in it — only his guns and equipment.  We bring up some history on the book and discover how Eliot Brown is the true Punisher Super-fan, and how Frank is a giant nerd about his gear.

Discharge Papers -We’re a little light on the material, where I discuss Jonathsn Hickman’s awesome comics and get pleasantly surprised by Kick-Ass 2.  Jake brings up the show Comic Book Men because he hates me.  We also discuss Dr. Seuss books and get excited for Flashpoint (the movie).

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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A guy who loves comics.
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