Punisher: Body Count Episode 16

Welcome to Punisher MAX’s funeral.  Please check your gun(s) at the door and take a seat.  The mourning will continue afterwards at the facebook fan page.

Introduction – Life’s busy for me and my co-host, but that gives us some cool stories to tell you, bro.

Mail Call – We have a healthy mail bag this time around.  We answer which was the best Punisher movie, who could make the best Punisher/Predator crossover, and much more!

Bullet Points – We review Punisher MAX #22.  I won’t go into much of what we talked about here, but suffice it to say that we’re both sad to see the series go, and that the greater death in it was a narrative one, which we describe later on in the segment.

Flashbacks – We review Hearts of Darkness and Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #4-5 in honor of the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie.  There’s kind of a nice symmetry here, as the comics match the quality of the movie — somewhat entertaining, but not worth going out of your way to see.

Discharge Papers -I bitch about the problem with equating time to currency in the movie In Time and Jake talks about Walking Dead’s fans should probably chill a little.

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  1. skeletonkrew says:

    Reblogged this on Skeleton Krew and commented:
    A little something different for my latest post. I’m still working on post-production on Skeleton Krew. Collecting it from the Color grader tomorrow and then over to the studio to be mixed.
    In the meantime enjoy this podcast I recently discovered, that is totally dedicated to my favorite fictional character.

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