Punisher: Body Count Episode 15

We’re back, baby!  But really, were we ever really gone?  Not if you’re on our facebook fan page!

0:00 Introduction – Jake let’s us know how how the Superbowl has wrecked his fair city of Indianapolis, and I talk about how I got unduly angry at a magic 8 Ball.  Jacob and I also discuss the etymology of “weeaboo.”

14:58 Mail Call – Hey speaking about weeaboos, we created a small list of anime and manga recommendations for Punisher fans.  Some of the stuff I’m sure you’ve heard of, but   hopefully you can find some gems in our list.  Big thanks to Blackstone for the idea, and if you have some ideas of your own, post on the fan page or on the comments below!  We also answer a letter about the idea of a female Punisher, which has existed before and is being somewhat explored right now in Rucka’s Punisher.  We also have some minor news about Ann Nocenti.

52:02 Bullet Points – We review Punisher #7.  Marco Chechetto is back, and I couldn’t be happier.  Jake’s decompression argument starts to turn me, and overall we just agree that we need a new turn to the story, or at least some new information on The Exchange and the death of Rachel’s husband.  Still a well put together comic, go buy it.

1:10:20 Flashbacks – We begin part 1 of our intercompany crossover segments.  In today’s line up:

I know those have #1 in the title, but none of them are continued beside the Batman crossover.  Overall, they are riddled with stupidity and we were surprised at how positively Frank was portrayed.  If we didn’t get to your favorite crossover comic, sit tight, we’ll get to it.

1:57:10 Discharge Papers -We talk about the disappointing situation with the Before Watchmen comics, and Jake just watched Gran Torino, so we talk about that.

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  1. Suhail says:

    blade of the immortal sounds awesome

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