Punisher: Body Count Episode 14

Welcome back, Punisher fans!  We got quite a show for you today, as we look at a seminal Punisher story, in its past and present incarnations, as well as begin our pre-mourning over Punisher MAX coming to an end.

0:00 Introduction –  I bitch about the YMCA’s pricing policies and Jake shows how you can become father of the year as we discuss his guest spot on Will Strack’s Dad Wants a Section 8 podcast.  We also bring up some sweet Punisher news involving a new Marvel crossover called “The Omega Effect.”

13:52 Mail Call – We got the opposite of last show’s mail, which means a whole lot of nothing.  But we do have an offer for our fans, so listen in!

48:48 Bullet Points – We review Punisher MAX #21 and Punisher #7.  Tears are shed as we near the end of the MAX run, but we still find things to bitch about, like Vanessa becoming the new queen of New York via King of the Hill-style tactics.  In Greg Rucka’s comic, Jake and I argue about decompression and artistic license again, proving why you can’t have a math guy running a podcast with a liberal arts major.

1:03:10 Flashbacks – We talk about Mike Baron’s Punisher #10 and Ann Noccenti’s Daredevil #257, which both deal with the Zumatrin killer, but each comic show’s each character’s perspective on the issue.  Our final judgment on the comics may surprise you!  Also, John Romita Jr.’s art is awful.

1:49:18 Discharge Papers -Apes, Churchill, Comixology, piracy, and the future of digital comics are discussed.  Also, the Matrix gets reloaded… by us.

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