Punisher: Body Count Episode 13

Happy New Year, let’s get started.  Our contest has come to an end, and the winners are announced within the first minute of the podcast.

0:00 Introduction – Jacob and I talk about family and Christmas, and we also have an intervention on an apparent addiction of mine.  We also discuss the contest details, as well as how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bastard child is a ticking time bomb.

19:50 Mail Call -Good lord, this Mail Call.  We go through a lot of topics here, such as the Punisher’s Island of Misfit Villains, Howard Chaykin, the Punisher’s guest appearance on the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, gun nuts who write corrections to the Punisher fan mail section, and so much more.  Remember people, large and in charge.Oh, we also deal with the continuity issues between Punisher 616 and MAX, which can be a headache if you make it one.

48:48 Bullet Points – We review the penultimate MAX issue of Aaron’s run, where Frank fights Elektra and the final tragic pieces fall into place for February’s issue.  Overall, it’s a great issue, and there’s some great touches on Frank’s early years.  Jake notices an artist’s error, and I make a quibble about subtly.

1:11:00 Flashbacks – Due to overwhelming popular demand, and by that I mean Jake suggested it over text, we review Mike Baron’s G-Force.  The gist?  Frank chases a cocaine-dealing French millionaire to a space station.  Also, we learn that even when a criminal shoots heroin into your system, that’s no excuse for bad hygiene.

1:53:18 Discharge Papers – I recommend Limitless and Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans, which are nutty in their own ways.  We also get financial tips from Nicholas Cage.  Jake  feels a bit dirty after watching Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and may not not be able to do a certain sexual act.  We also talk about the rise and fall of the Matrix movies.  I continue my horror streak by trying to describe the madness that is Franken-Fran.  Jake wraps things up by revealing how he made his wife a bigger nerd.

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2 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode 13

  1. arch0stanton says:

    There was a Punisher vs. Computers N’ Drug Dealers story in 1992, “System Bytes” in Annual #5. This was some kind of weird Annual crossover, best I can tell it crosses over to a story in a Daredevil Annual and 2 other Annuals. I still haven’t quite figured out how it fits together, and the books don’t tell you. There’s a nice little Micro sidestory with Frank sucking at Nintendo and blowing a hole in the TV.

    PS In GForce Gerard shoots him up with coke the first time, and a combination of heroin and coke the second.

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