Punisher: Body Count Episode 11

Hey everyone, have you gotten your shopping done yet?  No?  Good.  The adrenaline rush in the coming days will do you good.  This is a long show, so let’s try out a new format and you can pick what you want!

0:00 Introduction – Jacob and I describe our how the holiday season is treating us and then we bring up our Christmas family traditions, each with their own depressing twist.  We also give updates on the contest and tell you YOUR Christmas present, coming in just a few days!

11:28 Mail Call – Today we do something different, where we get Body Count fan Will Strack on the horn and we talk about the cult classic PS2 Punisher video game for far too long.  Check out Will’s podcast on iTunes, Dad Wants a Section 8.

31:31 Bullet Points – It’s a Christmas miracle in Greg Rucka’s Punisher #6, where there are two fill-in artists and yet the art is actually pretty great.  Rachel gets to kick some ass and Frank is a friend to the animals.

49:00 Flashbacks – We cover a lot of ground in Flashbacks today, starting with Mike Baron’s Punisher # 9, which would have been a rather average story if not for the twist at the end that made one of us mad as hell.  We then cover two Christmas specials — The Punisher Holiday Special #2 and Jason Aaron’s 2008 Punisher X-Mas Special — where too many writers think dressing up Frank as Santa is just the epitome of holiday literature.  We also learn that Vietnam gives you every life skill you’ll ever need, but the price is holiday innocence.

1:46:10 Discharge Papers – Jake talks about Frank Miller’s Daredevil run for five seconds, and then I bust in to talk about how much I hate Holy Terror.  We then talk about our refined tastes in anime before we segue into an interesting, if morbid discussion about the inevitable death of Stan Lee and how fandom is going to be just awful about it.

Hope you enjoyed the podcast, and we’ll see you guys again before Christmas.

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