Punisher: Body Count Episode 10

Welcome to episode 10, the big one oh, the numero uno plus goose egg.  We never expected our little podcast to do as well as it’s done in the short time it’s been around, but you fans have made it worth it, and we promise to keep making the podcast better than ever, starting now.

For instance, we’re running our first contest to celebrate!  In today’s podcast, we ask three questions related to Frank Castle that we’ve brought up in our show.  Each question is linked to a different prize, but you can answer all of them to improve your chances at winning something (limit 1 prize).

In today’s show, I give tips on how to make Atlantic City a non-miserable experience, and Jake brings up the aforementioned contest and how to enter.  We also learn that one of our loyal podcast listeners has a dog that got pretty injured, so if you can, check out his art site and send him some love and/or a commission.  We also discussed the upcoming Punisher TV show a bit in Mail Call, but no new info has come about for the show.

If having a contest wasn’t enough to excite you, then how about a new interview!  In the Interrogation Room, we get to the long-promised interview with Marco Chechetto, the current artist on Greg Rucka’s Punisher series!  Marco was very welcoming and considerate to our request for an interview, but he did not want to come on the show due to English not being his first language.  He did allow an email correspondence, and we read the transcripts in the show.

Finally we get to brass tacks in Bullet Points, where we read the soon-to-be-ended Punisher MAX #19 and Punisher #5.  Short answer?  Buy them both, they’re great.  In Flashbacks, we read issues #6-8 of Mike Baron’s run on the original Punisher on-going series.  They’re great too, but for different reasons.  Hint:  Plutonium and gay Wall Street moguls.  In Discharge Papers, Jake lays down his opinion on the new Evanescence CD and I complain about definitions of things.

Tune in next time, for a Very Special episode.

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