Punisher: Body Count Episode 9 – Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween, Punisher fans.  Today we’re doing a slightly smaller episode, since no new Punisher comics have come out, but this is balanced out by the fact that it’s Halloween.  In today’s episode, we discuss how our own Halloween weekend has gone and Jake fails to make me think The Big Bang Theory is a good show.  He fails.

We also discuss an interview we did with Trever Talbert, a great pipe maker, cartoonist, movie reviewer, and cool guy, where the audio file unfortunately got corrupted.  If you are a tobacco enthusiast please check out  his pipe gallery, and while you’re at it, check out his Kentucky Fried Popcorn blog, where he discusses weird and wacky movies.

Afterwards, Jake and I go in-depth on the newly announced Punisher tv show.  We have incredibly mixed feelings about it, with us eventually siding on “It sounds terrible.”  In Flashbacks, we talk about a “classic” Punisher story, Punisher & Wolverine: Revelation which contained the second and last story about “Angelic Punisher.”  It’s a long story, we explain it in the podcast.

Finally, in Discharge Papers, Jake and I talk about why Saw is awful and I recommend zombie and camcorder horror movies.  In the next podcast, we will discuss classic Mike Baron issues and new Punisher comics.

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