Punisher: Body Count Episode 8

Hey guys, Jake has… gone to a farm up in Maine, where he is very happy and will never be spoken of again.  We now welcome Wyatt Jones, long time listener, first time podcaster!  Surely, this will be the start of a long and rewarding relationship and Jake will never return.  Ever.  Today, we go through Rapidfire like champs, and then enter Bullet Points, where we talk about Punisher MAX #18 and Punisher #4, where Rucka is solid and Steve Dillon continues to raise the art bar to incredible heights.

In Flashbacks, we review Punisher 2099 #1-3, where it was clearly made by 7 year old children who are amazing people.  Then we review the Marvel Knights Punisher 2099 one-shot, where we agree that even Kirkman can make a swing-and-a-miss.  In Discharge Papers, Jake and I confirm we are horrible people.


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