Punisher: Body Count #3

Here it is, the third episode, and the last for this month, because good god we have filled our libsyn storage limit.   In Mail Call, we discuss how Frank could work out as a golden age hero, and I give a short history lesson in MAX.  In Bullet Points, we catch up on Jason Aaron’s run in Punisher MAX, marveling at how solid the first arc is and reeling in horror at the nudity.  In Flashbacks,  we read Die Hard in the Big Easy, where you come for the cocaine, but stay for the stereotypes.  Seriously, Frank gets buried by voodoo priests who cut open a chicken and throw it in the casket with him.  It’s pretty great.  In Discharge Papers, we talk about Duke Nukem Forever, X-Men: First Class, the DC reboot, True Grit, and movies about kicking, but not all in that order.

Next podcast we’ll focus on the “Bullseye” arc from MAX, but Flashbacks is up for grabs.  Suggest us some comics and if like ’em, we’ll read ’em!

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