Punisher: Body Count #2

In this podcast, we bring in a new segment called Mail Call, where we answer your questions and accusations that can’t be proven in the court of law.  We also hint at a future special guest, but that’s top secret for now.  In Bullet Points, we delve into Punisher MAX: From First to Last, chronicling three important moments in Frank’s life and try to understand the meaningless madness of Frank’s nightmare reality.

And then we talk about guns that shoot barb wire in Flashbacks Punisher Summer Special #1.  With four stories to talk about, it’s a mixed bag, ranging from well played, to okay, to batshit insanity involving idiotic terrorist.  We wrap things up in Discharge Papers by bringing up our Professional Opinions™ about the DC reboot and give recommendations on high art.

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6 Responses to Punisher: Body Count #2

  1. Arch Stanton says:

    Surprisingly, the riot gun he picks up at the gun show is a fairly obscure real weapon. That was the beauty of 90s Punisher, they took the time to research and model a real weapon, and then they go ahead and throw in a barbed wire gun. Sometimes you’re never really sure if they’re for real or if they’re fucking with you. Thing I hate most about story was he gets shot in the forehead with a plastic bullet. No one’s been able to do this in 30 years of Punisher, but as soon as they slap in rubber bullets some fruit in a guybrush threepwood outfit takes him down with a headshot in 3 panels.

  2. Thedudedrew says:

    Grant Morrison ruins franchises? WOW…

    • Dane says:

      This is something Jake and I disagree on.

      • Thedudedrew says:

        I’m a fan of 11 O’Clock comics podcast but wanted more content with my favorite comic book character and stumbled across your site after googling “Punisher Podcast”! I’m only on Podocast #3 but already really enjoying the show and looking forward to the many others. Thank you both for the great podcast and taking the time to reply to your listeners. Work sure goes by faster with great content to listen too!

      • Dane says:

        Hey dude, I appreciate that. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the audio in earlier episodes, but thankfully we get better as the show goes along!

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