Updates and Upgrades

Hey everyone, I wanted to take some time here to give some updates and some thanks. You guys have been visiting and commenting on the podcast on and off this blog, and we’ve appreciated all the compliments and constructive things you’ve had to say. Jake and I would probably do this podcast with zero listeners, but it’s nice to know people appreciate what we’re doing.

Which is why I’m excited for the future; Jake has signed us up for libsyn, so we have finally put the big boy pants on this podcast.  We were running on fumes with our previous upload service, but now we have plenty of storage space, new audio players that won’t get snubbed by iPhones, a dedicated RSS feed, and soon a spot on iTunes.

We will have a new podcast up in the next seven days, and we may even have a surprise or two on it for you.  Stay tuned!

About Dane

A guy who loves comics.
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